Date Night at Kallang Bowl


One of the good things about living out here in Singapore is that our schedules are relatively open, allowing us the luxury of going on dates more often than we used to. The most important commitments on our calendars are to each other; this has made us think differently about how we spend our time together. Hopefully it is habit we can keep once we eventually move back to the US and get back into a different, less spontaneous routine.

A few weeks ago we went bowling at Kallang Bowl (at Kallang Leisure Park). Jeff's much better at it than I am. We played a few games and remembered how fun it is. Hearing the sound of pins crashing always reminds me of school field trips to the bowling alley. Every bowling alley smells the same, have you noticed?

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  1. same shoes, same smell! looks like fun.

  2. Even their balls looks tropical.

  3. aww thats cute :o) i wuv yous, all four of yous :o) i'll make sure you go on your dates by dog sitting for you ;o)

  4. You may want to check out Marine Bowl at East Coast Park~ Old place old equipment but the atmosphere is also very nostalgic! And lots of eateries around it~


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