Tricia & Verona Tailors in Ho Chi Minh City


What's better than a souvenir shirt from your trip to Vietnam? A custom made shirt from a tailor, of course.

Dong Khoi Street in District 1 is famous for it's shopping, but for us the best shop is tucked away nearby on Dong Du Street. The first thing we do when we arrive in Ho Chi Minh City is to walk to our favorite tailor shop, Tricia & Verona, to get some clothing custom made. They can complete your order in 24 hours. Jeff got measured the first afternoon we were there for some dress shirts and they were ready for him less than 24 hours later. 

If you have a favorite article of clothing, they can replicate it (this is what I usually do). Their prices, although a bit more than other tailor shops in HCMC, are still very reasonable for the quality and customer service, and especially if you consider that your order will be ready in less than a day. I had a silk blouse made for US$30, and dress shirts for men start around US$30. Prices vary depending on fabrics. 

Their storefront is unmarked, so look for the laundry sign like in the photo above as you're walking down Dong Du Street.


  1. that is really cool that they can replicate clothing, what a resource to have!!

  2. how many visits have you made to ho chi minh city? those tailors sound amazing. i thought mine here was good but it takes a few weeks and there's always some slight detail about the garment i'd change.

  3. @Jill this was our second trip and we are hoping to go back again soon. I absolutely love them! They copied a blazer of mine in less than 24 hours this past visit.

  4. Hi,

    As a graduation assignment I will make a sample line of 10-12 pieces, and I was thinking about Ho Chi Minh City since I have made a very well fitted coat here once, but do not know the shop anymore.

    But this shop sounds promising, I only have one question, what is their quality of fabrics & do they also have quality winter/fall fabrics?

    Last time I took my own winter fabric, since this was more difficult to find here, but the tailoring was flawless.

    I can't wait to be back in fashion making heaven.

    1. Sorry for the late response, I just saw this comment.

      The quality of fabrics was great, in my opinion. Jeff had shirts made out of high quality cotton and all the garments we had made have held up extremely well. I didn't see what winter/fall stuff they had; I just chose light wool for my suiting.

      Hope that helps.

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