Jonker Street, Malacca


I dragged Jeff to Jonker Street while we were in Malacca in search of a bike shop that, according to my guide book, sold vintage English bikes and bike ephemera. In my mind, I pictured a quaint old shop where I would find a beautiful set of old leather panniers for The Pidge and possibly that elusive Singapore colonial bicycle license plate I have been searching far and wide for. As I ate breakfast in the hotel that morning, all I could think about was old bicycle parts.

Unfortunately for me there is no longer an old bike shop at 12 Jalan Hang Jebat. The address of the former bike shop is now occupied by a gaudy souvenir t-shirt shop. Although known for its antique stores, Jonker Street has its share of shops full of tacky and irrelevant merchandise. I found a few antique shops selling vintage bike parts, but if I bought anything I'm not sure we would have been able to pay the rent. Some of the stuff was clearly damaged and irreparable yet still marked with a hefty price tag. Some of the antique shops on Jonker Street are an absolute rip off.

My morning excursion to Jonker Street was a bust, but we returned later that evening for the night market and quickly forgot about the defunct bike shop. We were too distracted by the vendors selling everything from infomercial products to souvenirs to delicious street food. For the night market, the street is closed off to traffic and lined with tables and food carts for the entire length of the road. The fact that I wasn't hungry didn't stop me from sampling just about every type of food sold on Jonker Street. I bought a few trinkets, too. 
If you're able to catch the night market on Jonker Street on Saturday night, you should. It was my favorite part of the trip and had a completely different vibe than Jonker Street during the day. Despite being crowded with tourists in town for the weekend, it was a pleasant way to spend an evening in Malacca.


  1. hey finally, another singapore based travel bloggers.HIGH FIVE!

    whenever i'm in malacca, it's always raining.
    i will try my luck this month!

  2. We still haven't made it to Malaysia, but I'm reading and carefully making mental notes.

  3. hey may i know how do I get to jonker street? im taking a bus to malacca.

  4. @Grace, find it on Google Maps from wherever you're staying in Malacca. It's in the historic part of town; if you can't find it ask someone local and they'll show you. Hard to miss it.


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