Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Showcase in Singapore


Jeff and I were lucky enough to score two last minute tickets to Lady Gaga's exclusive 'Born This Way' Showcase hosted by SingTel last week. I had heard Lady Gaga was coming to town a few weeks before and was bummed to find out that the show was by invite only or for SingTel customers who signed up for a new phone plan.

I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga and seeing her live was such a treat. The show was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall B, which is a terrible venue for a concert (or fashion show). Despite the venue and the late start, it was very entertaining; Gaga definitely knows how to work the crowd. Popping out of a giant red lantern? Check. Scantily clad dancers? Check. A few over the top costume changes? Check. Lady Gaga performed mostly her hit songs, as well as a few slower ballads on the piano from her new album Born This Way. The show was shorter than a normal concert and was held for a rather exclusive audience of just a few thousand people.

Here's a link to her short press conference which she gave earlier that day. She talks a bit about the concert, her album, fashion, and inspiration for her video "Edge of Glory."

I've included a few photos in this post from the concert. Not that great, but I wasn't about to bring a tripod. There were some people at the concert filming her performance on...wait for it...their iPads! Not only were these people not really watching the show, they were blocking the people behind them. That's just rude, people.

Big thanks to Pat at Goodstuph and the folks at SingTel for hooking us up with tickets to the awesome concert.


  1. I have to admit, it was a pretty decent show. She definitely knows how to get all those 16-year-olds amped up.

  2. I would seriously love to see her live just because i know that it would be amazing!

  3. Get ready for the iPad mirror shots. They're out there...

  4. hahaha... I'm laughing picturing the people holding their ipads up in the air. Ridiculous!

  5. I'm so jealous you got tickets to Lady Gaga's concert here- I would have killed to see her perform live!

    Love your blog by the way- it's always so refreshing to see Singapore through the fresh pair of eyes!


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