Segamat, Malaysia


When I lined up to buy tickets for the Last Train into Tanjong Pagar, I was only thinking about the ride itself. I had no idea where to take the train to, so when someone suggested we get off at Segamat in Malaysia, I said "sure." I was there for the journey, not the destination. 
Segamat is a sleepy little town in the northern part of the Malaysian state of Johor. When I Googled "things to do in Segamat," I was instructed to have coffee at the Nanyang Coffee Shop. So I did, along with several other people from the train ride. There really isn't much to do in town besides that. 
We wandered around a bit, and found another restaurant (this one was air-conditioned) where we sat and talked until it was time to head back to the station. 
All aboard the last train to Tanjong Pagar! 


  1. Wow, such an interesting post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn't Segamat such a sleepy but quaint town? :) A day trip is just perfect for us to get away from the city because any longer and we might get really bored. My boyfriend and I must have walked around the town twice or thrice but we didn't come across Nanyang Coffee Shop. Must have missed it!

  3. Malaysia coffeeshops are the best. That coffee looks so good and I love the old rose print cup that it was served in. Beautiful photography as always :)

    I find the snacks in Malaysia tastier too..I always order a tau sar pao (sweet red bean steamed bun) when we go to JB. It's cheaper and the filling is generous.

  4. Segamat isn't a sleepy little town once you get to know the people there. It has a golf course - Segamat Golf & Country Club (or Gagak club as it is known locally, an airstrip where you can go for ultralight flights, parachuting (once in a while), hockey matches across the church, oh yes, the Catholic Church used to be the centre of activities (don't know whether it still is, swimming at the many riverine spots - Pasir Kowboi, Pasir Jenalih etc, fishing, there are some hidden spots as well like the lake in Kg Kuari which is actually a disused quarry which is flooded etc. You have Mount Ophir just a few kilometers awy and Lake Chini too which is about 60km away.


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