Singapore Blog Awards 2011


Jeff and I attended the Singapore Blog Awards last weekend. The event was held at Shanghai Dolly, a club in Clarke Quay. The theme of the awards ceremony was "History Gets Social." People were encouraged to dress up as a historical figure, but I don't think a lot of people took part. 

The "social" part of the title had to do with social media. People in attendance were encouraged to download the Liveshare app on their devices and upload photos of the event, creating a "live" stream of photos which were broadcast on screens throughout the venue. People were also encouraged to tweet during the event and "check in" at the awards ceremony. Below are some photos from the event shared using Liveshare, including a photo of us that someone took and posted.

Jeff, Bryan and me at the awards ceremony.

I was nominated as a finalist in the Best Travel Blog category, but didn't win. I think being a finalist is still pretty cool and I'm happy to have made it that far! It feels good to be recognized for something I've worked on for so long. 

Big thanks to all of our readers who voted for us, especially those of you that voted daily. We totally appreciate your support and are grateful for all you've done! 

And thank you to omy for choosing me as a finalist in the Best Travel Blog category. I had a good time being a part of the entire contest. Because of the Singapore Blog Awards, I discovered some new blogs to follow and made some new friends. 

Congratulations to all the winners! 


  1. wow, that sounds like such a technology-forward event! i don't even have a smart phone to download those apps onto! congrats on being a finalist!

  2. you're still my favorite! --brad

  3. Thanks Jill.

    And thanks to you too Brad! Thanks for voting for us.

  4. Whoa, super tech event. I totally scanned your photos before reading your post and was wondering why there was one chick in a toga. It looks like very few people dresses up. Poor toga chick.

  5. ummm.... are those hot-n-ready's on the table????!!!!

  6. @Austin yes. Domino's was one of the sponsors of the event.

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  8. Congrats on being nominated as a finalist! That's awesome.

    It looks like a really fun event! I wish they had someone like that in Switzerland!

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