National Dog Walk 2011


This past weekend, Singapore's National Dog Walk 2011 took place in East Coast Park. There were activities going on throughout the day such as ball-catching contests and agility trials. The highlight of the event was the National Dog Walk itself, which was a quick lap around the waterski lagoon. For the most part, people were really careful about their dogs in the heat. Water was available for pets (and humans) and a lot of owners tried to keep their dogs comfortable. Some people still made their dogs wear clothes in the 30+ degree heat, which is just cruel. Even the MC of the event had to make an announcement for all dog owners to remove their pets' clothing. The most commonly asked question of the day for us was "What breed are your dogs?" Stan and Joe also got their photos taken a lot. If anyone finds photos of them on the internet somewhere, please let me know. I've only found a photo of Little Joe hereI was pleasantly surprised to see so many dogs in one place. When I walked up to the registration desk, I was told that I was the 300th participant that day. Overall, the event was really fun and we left with tons of goodies for the dogs.* *The event was fun, but not for everyone in attendance. The next day, we read the sad news about a little Silky Terrier named Honey who was killed by a Rottweiler at the event. It sounds like it was sort of a freak accident, but terrible nonetheless. 


  1. I'm glad you all had fun, too! Yes it was incredibly warm that afternoon, so we were spending a fair bit of time in the shade and trying to keep our pup hydrated. Stan and Joe are such a unique pair - I can understand the curiousity that people would have towards them. I'm sure Stan and Joe have gotten quite used to the attention by now :)

  2. Love your blog! :) I became a follower! Erin


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