One Year Later


A year ago, Singapore was new and foreign to me. It's been a whole year (a year and some days actually...I've been too lazy to post sooner) since I first arrived at Changi Airport in the middle of the night with our two dogs and a few suitcases. Looking back, our time abroad has definitely been a great experience full of memories that we'll revisit for many years to come.

Singapore is a really easy country to acclimate to, but not having any set expectations on what life abroad would be like has helped make the move a lot better. We've adapted to the way of life here quite well. There are some things I miss, like wearing coats, drinking California wines (and not going broke), and having dozens of Mexican restaurants to choose from, but you learn to deal. It's a valuable skill to have when you live in a foreign country.

Something else that's valuable to have: friends. Jeff was the only person I knew when I got here, but now I have several great people I can call when I need some company. It's easy to forget where I am in the world sometimes when I'm hanging out with fun people and having a good time. A majority of the folks we've met in Singapore were found through the blog. Who knew this little blog would be so handy? To all you folks that have come into our lives, thank you. You're awesome. You know who you are.

I remember waking up to a few "What am I doing here?" moments in our apartment a year ago. It took a while for me to even recognize my own bedroom in the mornings. Nothing was familiar to me then, but I don't feel that way anymore. For now, Singapore is home.


  1. oh this seems like a perfect experience!

  2. Congrats!! The time flies by doesn't it!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS ..... one year already!!!

    you have always had the right attitude to 'settling' here in Singapore, it shows in the happiness that surrounds you both.


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