Smokey's BBQ


Every time I come to Smokey's BBQ (and it's been often these past few weeks), I can't help but stare at the wall. That's because hanging on the wall is a San Jose Sharks flag. The owner, Rob, is a Sharks fan from the Bay Area, too. In my head I'm taken back to San Jose, to the sports bar across from our old apartment. At Smokey's, it's easy to forget you're sitting in a restaurant in Joo Chiat.

The vibe at Smokey's is definitely different from anything else you'll find on the island, but the menu is what keeps us coming back. Jeff has fallen in love with Smokey's brisket, while I'm obsessed with the baby back ribs. Entrees aren't the only smoked items on the menu though. There's even a smoked IPA beer on tap! If you're looking for really delicious American food in Singapore and a good beer selection, your search ends here.
Sitting at the bar is perfect for watching sporting events (which are always on). Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be watching a lot of hockey here. Most games are live in the US during the morning in Singapore, and Smokey's is only open for dinner at the moment. This is probably a good thing, because Jeff and I would go broke if there was such a thing as hockey brunch.

Want to check Smokey's out for yourself? I recommend calling ahead for reservations as the place tends to fill up. You can even reserve seats at the bar. 

Tip: substitute hand cut fries instead of regular fries. Thank me later.

73 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427790
6345 6914

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  1. Does pizza exist in Singapore?

  2. Yes, we'll go get pizza. After we eat here!

  3. Oh my goodness...brisket & ribs? I may never leave here. Definitely going to try it. Thx!

  4. That's pretty cool to find a sharks flag n fan in Singapore. What are the chances of that! I just put up the pic of the boys you gave me and thought I'd catch up on your blog. I've been busy transitioning and hadn't read it in a few weeks. Miss you!


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