Entertainment at the Singapore Grand Prix 2011


If you got rid of the cars, races, and race track at the Singapore Grand Prix, you'd still have a really fun music festival going on. The entertainment line up this year was random, but impressive. The major acts were Shakira and Linkin Park. Charice, Shaggy, Boy George, and Rick Astley also performed for the F1 crowds. There were also various roving dance groups, artists, and musicians throughout the different zones. 

We stayed in Zone 1 and watched a few performances on the Village Stage. Linkin Park played after the race was over on the Padang Stage, but by that point we were tired and Jeff had a long workweek ahead of him so we went home. Ironically, they were the performance we were most excited to see. 
Rick Astley is actually a fun entertainer to watch and sounds great live. Rickrolled! 
Boy George

At last year's Grand Prix, we saw Adam Lambert and Daughtry perform on the Village Stage.

I must admit, the Singapore Grand Prix is a well-executed event with lots of things to do, see and eat and drink. It's been one of our favorite memories during our time in Singapore. Next year, Formula 1 comes back to the US to Austin, Texas. Hopefully, we'll be there too.


  1. Abu Dhabi's is in November. They hype it for almost a year in advance and I always wonder, "Who actually gets excited for that?" Your last few posts gave me the answer! ;)

  2. Yeah, they're lots of fun! In Singapore, there are all kinds of parties and concerts and other auxiliary events going on the week of the race. The whole island gears up for it.

    We want to go to the Abu Dhabi GP too. I'd like to go to Monaco's GP someday.

  3. ok, you saw rick astley???? that is AWESOME! also, i've been trying to see linkin park in concert for AGES.

  4. Krystal I guess you are a Rick Astley fan? Haha. He's great live.

  5. sounds like a great event!! and I did not even know that Rick Astley is still singing, I loved him when I was younger :) So cool!!

  6. You got to see RIck Astley AND Boy George! Makes me think of the Wedding Singer hahahhaaa

  7. I'm so used to a young Rick Astley, so that photo was a shocker. But I think he looks better now. Not the scrawny teen anymore. It's so unfair that men always look better as they age.


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