Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese harvest festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month of the Chinese calendar (that's today, 12 September 2011). Someone compared this holiday to Halloween. Harvest festival, lanterns, sweets, the moon...there are definitely many similarities.

In Singapore, people buy mooncakes and lanterns to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon is a symbol of reunion, and families and friends try to get together on this holiday. Jeff and I partook in some Mid-Autumn Festival activities on Saturday night at the Marina Bay City Gallery. We went on a lantern walk and ate delicious mooncakes from the Fullerton Hotel (that's why it has an "f" on it).

Our lanterns were the more traditional kind; some people had electric "candles" in their lanterns that even flashed different colors. We were part of a procession of colorful lanterns glowing in the dark along the edge of the marina. It was a beautiful sight that brought back a lot of childhood memories to some of the Singaporean adults with us that night.

We hope you have a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Thanks to Juliana at the Urban Redevelopment Authority for inviting us to the festivities. 


  1. I thought the "f" was for Facebook.

  2. I thought it looked like the Facebook f, too.

  3. sorry we missed it! Next year Ellie will be old enough to do a kids lantern parade, though :)

  4. Ooo pretty lights. Are those lanterns made of glass? Looks like they are. Can't believe you've been out there for over a year now. Seems like you just left this summer. Hugs!

  5. I adore the lantern photos :) Just saw some little kids carrying lanterns all lit up. Pity the haze is on.

  6. I thought it was f for Facebook too..same font I guess.

  7. @nlo they are cellophane lanterns. Can't believe we've been out here for a year either!

    @bookjunkie thanks. I saw a lot of kids in my building playing with lanterns too.

  8. Oh ok so those are the ones that don't have real flames no? They're beautiful! Happy birthday again! Can't wait to see you all :o)

  9. those are so cool, what a fun tradition - i love the little things like that that are part of a city

  10. I'm having lots of mooncakes here at home! Everyone was celebrating here. These pictures are amazing anyway!

    I'm hosting a giveaway from My Memories digital scrapbooking and it'll be exciting if you'd like to join! :)

    en la moda


  11. Very nice pictures of moon cake and lanterns. Makes me want to grab a bit of the moon cakes that are left in the kitchen.

  12. ahhh, mooncakes!! Really liked them back in Singapore! and the laterns as well :)


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