Marina Bay City Gallery


Marina Bay has come a long way since land reclamation in the area began in the 1970's. Once a swampy coastline, Marina Bay is now an iconic part of Singapore's urban landscape. A lot of planning and engineering has gone into the development in the area. There's even an entire gallery dedicated to educating the public about it.

The Marina Bay City Gallery is located on the corner of Marina Bay opposite from the Marina Bay Financial Centre. The purpose of the gallery is to educate the public about the urban engineering and technical feats that have gone into making the iconic Marina Bay what it is today.

The gallery has a detailed model of Singapore's downtown area, showing current and upcoming buildings and development. Singapore's skyline is going to look really different in the next ten years. 

I also got a chance to meet Walter in person. Walter: Adventures of a Curious Colossal Bunny is a roving guerrilla art installation by local artist Dawn Ng. According to the website, Walter "is a celebration of our ordinary by helping us look at this city as children again." Walter will be at the Marina Bay City Gallery until 30 September in case you want to go meet him, too.

If you'd like to learn more about the past, present and future of Singapore's downtown area, pop in to the Marina Bay City Gallery and have a look. It's a pretty impressive place (and, it's free). Daily walking tours of Marina Bay are available everyday at 4:30 for $8. For more information, check out their website.

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