Off to the Races: Singapore Grand Prix 2011


And they're off! A quick video of the start of the race from our seats.

When we lived in the US, Jeff watched Formula 1 races religiously each season. The man paid extra just to get the Speed Channel added to our cable package. On the rare occasion that a local bar was broadcasting a race live, Jeff was there. Formula 1 is not that popular in the US and lots of the races happen at odd hours of the night on California time, so it was usually a party of one on the couch in the wee hours of the morning.

Needless to say, Jeff's a big F1 fan. When tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix went on sale several months ago, Jeff scooped up a pair of Zone 1 passes for us for the whole weekend. This was our third Formula 1 race. Our first was the Singapore Grand Prix last year, and our second was the Malaysia Grand Prix.

Having the chance to experience a Formula 1 race in person is a blast, even more so if you're as big of a fan as Jeff. If you thought the video was loud, imagine sitting along the track and hearing those engines in person. The cars zip by so fast you can barely catch a glimpse.

Jeff cheered on his favorite driver, Sebastian Vettel (who won!), while I cheered on Sergio Perez. To show support for my driver, I brought my Mexican flag with me. I'm pretty sure it was the only one at the Grand Prix all weekend.

We had such a fun weekend. Even if you're not into motorsports, the Singapore Grand Prix does an excellent job at keeping everyone entertained at the race. More on that later...


  1. Viva Mexico! That is one giiiiant flag fren, haha. Cool video-That's some serious racing!

  2. I couldn't find a bigger one! ;)


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