Oh, hey guys.


It's been busy at the Casa de Thompson since I last posted and there's lots of blogging to catch up on, but I just wanted to say hello. I'm working on a few blog posts now of what we've been up to and hope to have them up this week.

Stan wanted to say hello, too. I was taking photos of some fresh flowers I bought today and he decided he wanted to be in the background. You know that annoying person that tries to pop into the back of people's photos? That's Stan. Only he's cute so it's actually a bit charming.


  1. I love the default pic you have for the blog, you guys look great! The flowers aretruly amazing the colors and the clarity of the photo makes it look as if they were here.

  2. Wow thank you! I've actually been meaning to get a new photo taken of us, that one is a bit old now.

    And I didn't even edit the photos of the flowers, they really are that vibrant.

  3. Awwwww! I love how Stanley just stuck his lil snout in the photo. If you hadn't mentioned it I probably wouldn't have noticed since it blends in so well with the entire photo. How's he doing? I have his costume. Send me your mailing address when you get a chance so I can send it. Hope it isn't too big.

  4. Hang on to it for us! It's way too hot here and we're starting to unload stuff so we have less to bring back anyway. Thanks for getting us. Can't wait to see it! And you!


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