A few photos and thoughts from Hong Kong.


On the Airport Express train to Central

There is actually a long escalator, called the Midlevels Escalator, which cuts through Central taking people up into the hills. Really convenient and it takes you through some pretty lively spots. 

This way to ascend the mountain.

Hong Kong has the only double decker tram system in the world. They're teeny--look how small they are next to that bus.
Coming back to Singapore after a few days in Hong Kong was like watching a TV show in black and white after watching a film in full color. Sorry Singapore, but it's true. Hong Kong has grit and character I forgot a city could have. We fell in love with this place in a way unlike any other we've traveled to.

Getting around Hong Kong was remarkably easy. The public transportation was easy to use (and similar to Singapore's), and there is an escalator running through a few neighborhoods in case you don't want to climb up the stairs. Still, walking around is the best way to really explore the different neighborhoods. While exploring on our first night, we found a bottle shop in SoHo that sold Jeff's favorite beer and my favorite wine. It was almost like a welcome sign for us.

I had always heard that Hong Kong was known as a shopping destination, and although I did a bit of shopping I'm sure there is much more that I missed. The local designers and brands are impressive; we found an entire mall of local stores with stuff I only wish I could find in Singapore. People have such great style there, too.

We enjoyed our trip to Hong Kong so much that we've already booked a trip to go back.


  1. I loved Hong Kong too and agree it definitely has a grit and character to it that Singapore doesn't.

  2. I love Hong Kong too! Singapore has certainly gotten rid of alot of the character by all the upgrading and modernizing. My whole family will be going to Hong Kong for a visit/holiday in early Jan and I can't wait!! :)

  3. I wish we had gone to Hong Kong before making the decision on where to move to. Such an amazing place!

  4. wow! that's impressive that you are going back already! Very good pics..

  5. Same feelings over here... loved HK so much! the vibe, the shopping , the food... I spent nearly the entire day in Sham Shui Po which is the textile market (and more).
    I can't wait to have a chance to go back!

  6. I totally felt the same way after visiting Hong Kong from Singapore. Such a great city!

  7. If you wanna make a new friend, I have one that lives in HK. FB me if you'd like her name, she's on fb.

  8. Not only the breath of the skyline but the way Hong Kong people speak. Watch this:



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