Lucky Beer


Something we like doing when traveling to a new place is to browse a local grocery store. It's fun to see the different products on the shelves in other countries (and to see the same ones, too).

We also like to stock up on snacks for our day trips and in case we get hungry in our hotel room. 

While in Hong Kong this past weekend, Jeff and I popped into a local market and picked up a few things, including a 6-pack of Lucky Beer, which we'd never seen before.

It was the Buddha-shaped bottle caught our eye. The beer inside is a crisp lager made in China of local ingredients. 

Beer and wine seem to be cheaper in Hong Kong than in Singapore, and although we were only there a few days, the selection is much more impressive too.

Something else we noticed at the grocery store that we haven't seen since we left California: tall cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.


  1. That is an awesome bottle. I've added this to my list of things to do in Hong Kong; it would make a really cool lamp or something! Also, how much was the PBR? Could it be any cheaper than in the US?

  2. @Kate, a tall can of PBR was 8.90 in HK, which converts to about US$1.14. I want to move to Hong Kong.

  3. I wonder if it tastes like a sweet beer..

  4. I'm not sure what you mean by sweet beer, but it did taste like they used some sort of refined sugar in the brewing process. It's cheaper than extracting the sugars from the barley but you can taste the difference.


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