Macau: Las Vegas of the East


We had no real agenda when we showed up in Hong Kong a few weekends ago, other than wanting to eat some egg tarts (okay, that was all me). We decided to check out Macau for a day since it's only about an hour away from Hong Kong by ferry. We walked to the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, bought two tickets, and a short while later we were on a ferry to Macau.
The ferry we rode over to Macau

Macau is sometimes called the Las Vegas of the East, and a few years ago it surpassed Vegas as the number one gambling market in the world. Although there are casinos, hotels, and outrageously expensive shops, Macau is no Vegas. I'd say it's closer to Reno, but with better casinos, way more expensive shops, no bums and much cleaner streets.

A photo of me, taken before some guy told Jeff to stop taking photos. 

The Wynn Macau has pretty much the same interior decor as the one in Las Vegas. Something was missing from the casino, though (besides drunk people and bachelor parties on a rampage): scantily-clad cocktail waitresses.

If you sit and gamble in a Vegas casino for even a few minutes, a cocktail waitress will come by and offer you a drink. In Macau (and Singapore's casinos, too), alcohol is not allowed while gambling. While gambling in the US is a form of entertainment for most, it feels really serious in Asia. 
We didn't hang out at the casinos for long, but luckily there are other things to do in Macau. I've got a few other Macau posts coming up...


  1. Wow, interesting culture difference. The little things I'd never think about otherwise.

  2. we have been trying to go to Macau for so long but are under the impression that it will only be casinos and nothing else. But seeing the above pic i think we should go there just to get a feel !!!

  3. It's funny to me that they take gambling a bit more seriously, but I guess that makes sense. A lot of people lose a lot of money to it!

  4. No alcohol? That is so peculiar! But from the photos it does look a bit like Vegas!

  5. Las Vegas is one of the famous place in the world including the most casino in the word.

    The Last Image impressed me at the house, its so awesome. So love it!! what do you think about the opera house at Sydney compare to this?


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