Tai Cheong Bakery Egg Tarts, Hong Kong


While in Hong Kong last weekend, we had egg tarts from the famous Tai Cheong Bakery on Lyndhurst Terrace. For HK$5/SGD1, you can get yourself a delicious egg tart fresh from the oven. These palm-sized pastries have a light, crumbly crust filled with a creamy egg custard and taste best eaten warm. In fact, there are often several people standing around outside the bakery eating their egg tarts before walking away (we were some of those people). The egg tart seems like a traditionally Western pastry; some people say it became popular in Asia because of the British influence in the area, while others say it is an evolution of the Portuguese egg tart. Whatever the case may be, the egg tarts are now a part of Hong Kong cuisine and you can find them in several bakeries and eating establishments. Tai Cheong Bakery's recipe for egg tarts has been posted online on CNNgo, however one food blogger tried the recipe and was disappointed, noting that the recipe for the egg custard might have a typo in it. I'm tempted to try tweaking the recipe and making egg tarts for myself.


  1. what an interesting choice for a tart filling!

  2. I've made eggtarts before many years ago and I remember them looking really cute and puffy right before they were taken out of the oven (before deflating). :D Happy baking!

  3. Hi ,I recently started following your blog. Some of the pictures here are lovely. I was curious to know which camera you use .

  4. @Chaithra and Naveen, I use a Canon 60D.


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