Mint Museum of Toys


They sure don't make toys like they used to. I feel old just saying that, but you'd probably admit this too after spending some time at the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore. This place has been on my Singapore bucket list for quite a while, and after walking past it several times I finally got to check it out.* 

The five story former shophouse on Seah Street (behind the Raffles Hotel) is home to an impressive collection of toys from all over the world, some of which are over 100 years old. Toys are organized by country, time period, character or genre. From Japanese robots to American comic books, German teddy bears to Chairman Mao toys, there's a little bit of everything. 

The museum is simple, with glass cases lining the walls and a few helpful signs here and there. But it's the toys that steal the show. They're in great condition and many are displayed with their original packaging. 

If you want to take some nostalgia home with you, there's a fun little gift shop with old school toys and trinkets (perfect for stocking stuffers!) on the ground floor. The museum also has a rooftop bar and a cafe.

*I visited with fellow blogger Tanya. Check out her great write-up about Mint Museum of Toys here


  1. oh cool! Looks fun to check out

  2. I've been wanting to go, but never find the chance. The toys are adorable, and you are right - they don't make toys like they used to.


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