The Moluccas Room


Recently, Jeff and I were invited to have lunch at the Moluccas Room at Marina Bay Sands, where we enjoyed a delicious sampling of Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant gets its name from Moluccas, the former name of the Indonesian province now known as Muluku.

The Moluccas Room's Executive Chef Alicia Tivey was born in Indonesia and comes from a French culinary training background. She uses contemporary techniques and ingredients not commonly found in Indonesian cuisine to redefine traditional Indonesian dishes. My favorite entree was the Angus Beef Rendang; Jeff's favorite was the Confit Sakura Ayam Tuturaga, a citrusy chicken curry. I also recommend the Sri Kaya Creme Brûlée for dessert.

The restaurant is at Marina Bay Sands facing the Marina, so if you come to the Moluccas Room, try to get a table with a view. I learned they have high tea everyday and hope to come back to check that out.

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Thanks to LeRoy at FoodNews for the food tasting invite. All opinions in this post are my own. 

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