Getting the Dogs Ready For the Move


The last time I touched our dogs' kennels was the day Stanley and Joe arrived home from quarantine. I quickly disassembled the kennels and hid them in the storage room so that the dogs could relax and settle in at the new apartment. I was sure they didn't want to be near the kennels anymore after sitting in them for about 22 hours straight.

The only time our dogs have used a kennel was when they flew from SFO to Singapore. Prior to the move, I got the dogs used to being in and around the kennels by setting them up in the living room and praising the dogs for staying inside of them. When it was official that we were moving back to the US, I decided it was time to get the dogs used to their kennels again.

Little Joe's initial reaction at seeing the kennels was to run out of the room and vomit. Stan was mostly curious about them, sitting next to me as I bolted both halves of his kennel together. I had a feeling the kennels might bring back bad memories of their flight over to Singapore. I've spent the last week coaxing the dogs into the kennels and giving them lots of praise (and cookies).

If you're planning on importing your pet(s) or traveling with them, it's really important that they are accustomed to the container they'll be in for the long trip. If your pet is already crate-trained, then it will be a lot easier for you. I've been gradually increasing the amount of time that the dogs stay in the kennels, getting them more relaxed about being in there.

I think the boys are finally getting comfortable with their kennels again, and I hope it helps on the long and tiring journey ahead of them. Now it's time to deal with some fun paperwork to export them out of Singapore. I'll post more on that later.


  1. Hi Flora & Jeff,

    I am a little bit sad that you are leaving sunny S'pore soon; I always enjoyed reading your blog! I am a former S'porean so looks like that is the end of your blog on the Red Dot. All the best in whatever you do in California.

  2. @Anonymous, thank you! We'll keep blogging, just not about Singapore (as much). Hopefully you'll keep reading.

  3. Awww, I am hoping they will have another smooth ride over :o)

  4. I am kinda excited you're going to be blogging about California. I've never been there and would love to see it from your eyes.

    Your dogs are so cute. Never seen this breed in Singapore. They look like little lambs.

  5. how exciting to be going back home. I hope it is a very smooth trip for your dogs, fingers crossed it all goes very well :)


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