Random Photos From Our Bangalore Trip


Sometimes I take lots of photos when I'm traveling that aren't really worth an entire blog post on their own, but I still want to share them. So I guess I'll throw a few random photos together and call it a blog post.

This restaurant was near our hotel and I couldn't help but laugh at the name, Kentacky Chicken Corner. The name is odd, but it seems like a popular place in the evenings. I didn't get a chance to try it out and now I kind of wish I did.

The birds flying around our hotel were large. Is this an eagle or a hawk? Their wing spans must have been about three feet wide. They kept the fat pigeons also flying around our hotel in check. I would stare out the window and watch these large birds let themselves drift along with the wind. There was also a large bird that was an auburn color with a white head, but I couldn't catch a good photo of it. 

Someone should make a souvenir shirt that says "I crossed a busy street in India and survived." I would proudly wear it, because after finally getting accustomed to crossing busy streets in Bangalore, I feel like I can do anything. The streets are constantly full of honking cars, buses and tuk tuks (and the occasional wagon being pulled by beasts of burden). 

While we were at Mysore Palace, we were approached by the dude in the plaid shirt asking for a "click." I thought he wanted us to take a photo of him and his friends. He actually wanted a photo with us and his friends. So we obliged and posed with them. After we took the photo, I said "Okay, my turn" and motioned for them to get back in the photo with Jeff. They giggled a bit, but were eager to pose for another photo. 

Being asked to take a photo with a random stranger has happened to me a lot since I've lived and traveled in Southeast Asia. It never fails to make me feel self-conscious and awkward, and as a result I forget to ask them why they want a photo with me. Sometimes people don't even ask, they just pull out their camera and take my photo! I can't help but wonder what they do with these pictures and why they want them in the first place.

This sign was painted every ten feet or so on the walls surrounding an all-girl school in Bangalore. I lost count of how many men I saw peeing in public. There were a few public restrooms around and lots of businesses where I'm sure people could have used the restrooms, but taking a leak behind a tree, or on a wall, or around the corner of a building just seems like a more popular choice. 

That's the last of the India blog posts. We've been busy lately because it's Christmastime and we've got a big move coming up, but I'll try and post more soon. 

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