A Shoe Store in Bangalore


Shoe stores are my kryptonite no matter what country I seem to find myself in. I stumbled upon this little shoe store while walking around Bangalore a while ago. It was actually more of a narrow alleyway lined with walls of shoes than a shop. I had to crouch down a little bit when I walked in because there were even shoes hanging from the ceiling.

The sign outside the shop said they specialized in Punjabi juttis and Rajasthani mojaris, which are leather slippers often decorated with patterns and embroidery. These don't come with a left shoe and a right shoe, but after you wear them for a while they begin to take the shape of your feet.

The shopkeeper caught me admiring a pair and asked if I wanted to try them on. I said sure, but that I didn't know what size I'd need. He bent down to pull the hem of my jeans up to take a closer look at my foot, pulled out a pair of shoes from the shelf, and put them on the floor for me to try. It took him one guess to figure out the exact size that I needed. 

The juttis for men have a small leather flap that comes up in the front. Some have little tassels on them. All the shoes in the shop were handmade and most of them were leather. I spent a long time admiring all the different styles and colors.

This type of sandal is a Kolhapuri chappal. I ended up buying a red pair of these and a brown pair of juttis to bring home with me. 

The shopkeeper (on the left) and his assistant were eager to pose for me when I asked if I could take a few photos. The shopkeeper boasted that his shoe shop has been photographed by visitors from all over the world. I gave him my card; I wonder if he'll find his photo on this blog someday. Every time I wear my new shoes, I will think of him. 


  1. What a sweet story... But Flora with all the beautiful shoes, you need to show us which ones you picked for yourself!!! smile

  2. Hi, just came across your blog. Loved the post on the shoes. I'm from Bangalore but live in Singapore and ur post reminded me of home :) thx for sharing !


  3. Oddly enough, of all your posts this is one of my favorites. I think the picture at the end did it. It's a nice reminder of what's out there now that I'm not traveling much. Here are these two guys out there running a shoe shop in Bangalore. While I go about my daily life, they're out there going about theirs.

    It makes me think about how different our lives are, but also what we may have in common. Basically, it gives me a taste of travel and all that it brings.


  4. sweet - I'm not that crazy about shoes, but I love your photos. Good job, nice story.

  5. 'Kryptonite' - lol, I can absolutely relate. How interesting to learn about the one-side-fits-all concept of the juttis and mojaris. Ingenius!

  6. Hi.which place in Bangalore is this shop.


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