A Singapore Christmas Ornament


Every Christmas, I like to find a new ornament to add to our Christmas tree. Some ornaments are from one of our trips and others I just pick up at a store or craft fair. Our ornament collection is pretty eclectic, but every single one has a little story behind it.

This year, I picked up ornaments in Chinatown and Little India because I wanted to remember our second and last Christmas in Singapore. The ornament in the photo is the one I picked up in Chinatown last week for $8. It's a perfect souvenir and every Christmas when I decorate our tree, I'll remember walking in the rain along Trengganu Street.


  1. Love it...so unique and pretty :)

  2. I have been look for something like this for two years! I try and get an ornament from everywhere we travel and cannot ever find one from Singapore! You don't happen to remember where exactly you got it or if it can be purchased online do you? Thanks so much for your time!

    1. Hi Jenny, I found it in Chinatown on Trengganu St. It is more of a pedestrian alleyway than a street.

      I'm sure you could ask vendors if they have any; there were various stalls selling them and they might have them in stock all year although maybe not on display.


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