We're in a Magazine!


I wasn't going to write about our trip to Bangalore anymore, but then Jeff brought home an issue of India Today magazine with a picture of us in it and I felt the need to share. It's not everyday that you're in a magazine (unless you're a Kardashian). 

The photo is a part of a special feature in the magazine on "happening nightspots" in Bangalore. We were photographed having a few drinks at our hotel bar, Highland Nectar. The photographer was very discreet and we weren't told what he was taking photos for at the time. 

We're in the bottom photo, probably whispering to each other about why we were being photographed.

The only reason we found out we were in the magazine was because Jeff's boss went to India and happened to read the magazine and recognize us (he brought us back a copy).


  1. Hah, accidental famousness!

    That happened to me when I was in Bangladesh. We visited a newspaper office and took photos with the staff, not realising that they were actually going to publish a story about our visit (I mean, really? There's THAT little other news?)

    Weirdly, everyone else was in shadow/blurry/obscured, except for yours truly smack-bang in the middle. Very awkward.

  2. I can't remember if we were the only ones in the bar or not. I'd like to think that's why they took our photo!

  3. cameras, and phones are everywhere. You may be being photographed at this very moment. yikes. --brad

  4. awesome! congrats on being famous in india...and singapore too with all of the blog events. hope you are keeping and documenting all of that to share with your kiddies one day :o) one more month til you come back to ahmedeeka. lots of lotion and a jacket on the flight back ;o) hugs! and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to you, Jeff, Stanley, and Joe Joe!


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