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Having visitors is really fun because I get to play tour guide, which I really love to do. My sister Fauna came to spend Christmas with us and of course to do some sightseeing. Singapore might be small, but there's definitely lots to do. I think we had something planned almost everyday she was here, yet as soon as she left I remembered a few other things I had wanted to show her. 

The weather was pretty bad around Christmas here, with really heavy rain falling almost everyday. This made some of our plans fall through. Still, we managed to get outdoors as much as we could.

Jeff, Fauna and I went to Pulau Ubin the day after Christmas to ride bikes and enjoy the cooler weather. We saw some wild pigs and went to visit the German Girl Shrine again. Pulau Ubin was recently named one of the World's Most Secret Islands by Yahoo! Travel.

Riding around Pulau Ubin is such a fun and easy way to spend a day (and to get some exercise, too). It feels like you are traveling back in time to what Singapore may have been like in the 60's. Just bring bug repellant and make sure to ride slowly through the puddles! 


  1. Flora 2.0! Remmy that? It's trippy how much you look alike. Your arms resting on the gate like that makes it even trippier- like twins in sync or something. How cool for her to get to visit you on the other side of the world. I hope she loved it, rain n all :o) what a cute lil piggy. I want it!

  2. how fun! you guys look like you are having a blast in singapore. I was in southeast asia last january but it feels like just yesterday!


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