Happy Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year is an absolutely beautiful time to be in Singapore. The decorations around town are so vivid and everyone seems to be in a really good mood. Last year we were on our way back to California over the CNY holiday and we missed celebrating it, so we're very glad to have stayed in town for the biggest holiday of the year.

CNY lasts for 15 days and there are different things to celebrate and do on each day. On the second day of the Chinese New Year, some people believe that dogs are supposed to get extra special attention, so you can bet Stanley and Joe will get even more cuddles and dog treats than usual from us.

Jeff and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous Year of the Dragon. Gong Xi Fa Cai! 


  1. Hi, I have been a silent reader of your blog and I really enjoy reading your posts. It is really interesting to read about your life in Singapore and the places you go to. Even though I'm a Singaporean, there are places you blogged about that I have not been to or know of before and its really nice to read about them here. Love the pictures in your blog too. Happy Chinese New Year to you. Hope you enjoy your CNY here. :)

    1. Thanks for reading, and thanks for you nice comment. We're going to miss Singapore when we leave and all the cool places we've explored. Happy CNY!

  2. these festivals are the greatest of the year indeed! so much color and fun that it's impossible not to enjoy. Happy CNY, Jeffrey and Flora


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