A Day at the Singapore Zoo


After living in Singapore for almost a year and a half, I finally visited the Singapore Zoo last month while my sister was in town. I've visited the Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park already, but of the three animal animal parks I'd say the zoo is the best one. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it.
White tigers, kangaroos, zebras, and Hamadryas baboons
Of the 316 animal species on display at the zoo, 36% are endangered. The Singapore Zoo has an "open concept" layout, with spacious and natural-looking enclosures for the animals. Set in the rainforest and surrounded by the Upper Seletar Reservoir, the zoo is a beautiful place to get lost for a few hours.

Lemur, duck, Mandrill baboon, and my favorite animal at the zoo, the mousedeer


  1. Singapore Zoo is an alluring place to visit after one has taken his kids along on a flight to Singapore. There are a number of wild life creatures you can witness here and especially the rare white tiger.

  2. The zoo is absolutely one of our favorite places in Singapore (and by "our" I mostly mean Elanor, but Ravi and I enjoy walking around there as well most days).

  3. thanks for your post on singapore ZOO night safari. Your post inspired me to visit signapore zoo and it offered me most enthralling experience to my family and friends to spend the vaccation in the most beautiful place in the world.


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