Getting Ready for Chinese New Year


The streets of Chinatown are lively and colorful on most evenings, but it's during Chinese New Year that visitors really get to see the neighborhood come to life. I love navigating my way through the crowded streets lined with vendors selling everything from traditional foods to Chinese New Year decorations. 

Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. Red decorations with auspicious sayings and dragons (since this is the Year of the Dragon) adorn homes, shops, and restaurants. Traditional foods such as pineapple tarts, oranges, abalone, fish and others are served in homes. Some of these are served at Chinese New Year because the Chinese names of these food items often sound like prosperous or lucky words and phrases.

Another thing that inundates Singapore at this time of year is the Chinese New Year music. You can hear it in just about every grocery store, shopping mall, and even in taxis. I don't know what the song lyrics are, but I find myself humming along to the songs because I've heard them so much. Click here if you want to hear some of it for yourself. 


  1. Vietnam was starting to get ready too. It's sooo much red! Very beautiful though.

  2. Flora,
    That is so cool that you are already able to distinguish our CNY songs! Which one do you like the best? One side note, we Singaporeans do not always serve foods that connate prosperous or negative sounding events at our New Year. It is merely traditional more than anything else. It is always interesting to read an expats take on our country. It will certainly take a couple of years to really understand the true meaning of what Singapore is. I am saddened you are moving back to Northern California because you may have liked a few more years here.

    Lily Fong

    1. I don't think I like one the best in particular, I've just heard them all so often that I know them enough to hum along!

  3. wow such amazing pictures! love your blog and the idea behind it. so cool!

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    hope to hear from you soon :]
    xo, camilla & valerie

  4. I love your blog, I am obsessed with traveling so when ever I come across another travelers blog I get sucked in. Looks like Singapore is a blast!

  5. I'm excited to head into Chinatown to feel the CNY celebration vibes, I heard there is also a wishing tree, I must visit

  6. Ooo so pretty! I love the third picture - that's exactly how I imagine Singapore; lots and lots of people!


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