Pliny the Elder, Now in Singapore


Pliny the Elder is the name of a double IPA from the Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, California. Jeff loves it because it is so hoppy, but another reason why he and many other beer drinkers find it alluring is because of its elusiveness.

One grocery store I visited in northern California kept all their Pliny in the stockroom and only allowed two bottles to be sold per customer per day. Another grocery store put me on a waiting list to buy it the next time their shipment came in from RRBC.

It's hard to find this beer just a few hours away from the place it comes from, so you can imagine we were pleasantly surprised to see that this beer is now being sold at Brewerkz in Singapore, along with several other really good California brews. Jeff has visited Brewerkz a few times to take advantage of his favorite beer being in stock all the way out here.

If you like your beers on the hoppy side, try ordering a Pliny. If there are any left. 


  1. I am a hops fiend!! But alas I have not tried Pliny the Elder... thanks for the recommendation :-)

  2. Some time when you're back, let's go to Russian River and we'll pick you guys up a growler.

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