Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston


"You looking for Sam Adams?" 

The man standing outside of the Stony Brook train station had already begun to nod approvingly before we even had a chance to answer him. I'm sure he's used to seeing confused tourists like us in search of the Samuel Adams Brewery in a residential neighborhood, wondering if we were in the right place. 

While we were in Boston a few weeks ago on our way to the World Pond Hockey Championship, we went on a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery. The tour goes through the beer making process, the history of the company, and ends with some beer tasting. We know how to make beer, but we still walked away with a few nuggets of interesting information. For example, Sam Adams replicates Boston tap water at its Cincinnati and Philadelphia breweries so that the beer tastes the same no matter where it's made. 

The brewery is small and no longer used for used for full-scale production of Sam Adams beer. Instead it's used for smaller batches of beer and experimental recipes, including a delicious Black IPA that is not available to the public. The brewery also has a gift shop where you can buy all sorts of Sam Adams stuff, including beer. 

Follow the signs to the brewery from the Stony Brook train station.
Walk past the strange art work in front of someone's house on the way.
You can't miss the red brick buildings.
Where the magic happens.
If you're in Boston and want to take a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery, click here for a tour schedule and more information. 


  1. And don't forget, the picture on Sam Adams beer is actually Paul Revere! One of the most fascinating things about it for me...probably because I"m not hugely into beer.

    Glad you had fun!

  2. El progresso market? We're everywhere and in the most random of places! ;o) the bush art is pretty interesting. I still think of you two to/fro work. This evening the bready aroma was especially strong n comforting to smell.

    1. We are waiting to move into more permanent accommodations to start brewing again. Then our house will smell like a brewery again. I find it comforting, too.

  3. I can already see Jeff with is precise measurements tearing up the kitchen n Stan hoping he drops something he can lick up or chew on- awwwwwww :o)

  4. i had so much fun when i did this tour~ our guide was hilarious. i saw yr post in 20sb, i'm assumin' you're also in san jose..greetings!

    1. Hey fellow SJ blogger... thanks for stopping by!


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