The Last Kampong in Singapore


When I used to live in Singapore, I often wondered what it looked like before the gleaming skyscrapers and sterile HDB flats took over the skyline. In less than 50 years Singapore has gone from being a lesser-known island in Southeast Asia to being considered one of the Four Asian Tigers. The city-state might be young, but little time has been wasted in developing the island into a modern and efficient country. 

Not all traces of "the way things were" have been erased or modernized in Singapore, though. Hidden away in the north-east is Kampong Buangkok, the last kampong in Singapore. Time has stood still in the small village, which has 28 houses in a neighborhood the size of three football fields. The small homes, dirt roads, and overhanging power lines paint a picture of what Singapore was like before the malls and freeways took over. 

If you're interested in visiting, the closest bus stop is 67071 (opposite the Church of St. Vincent De Paul) and is serviced by buses 70 and 103. Check out this blog for more detailed directions. Like so many other places in Singapore full of history and nostalgia, the kampong probably won't be around much longer so visit soon before it's too late. 


  1. oh, wow, such a special place! would love to have known about it while living in singapore... you are right, not much of this "old singapore" is surviving these days....

  2. It's so surprising how Kampong Buangkok continues to attract attention these days. Put these groups of houses in any other neighboring country and I doubt that anyone would pay attention.

    The fact that places like these get people talking only proves how much Singapore has gone in just a few decades.

  3. Wow, this is a must see! I really thought you had to go to Malaysia or Pulau Ubin to see anything like this!

  4. I love the 'letterbox' photo - yours turned out much better than mine. That was a fun day, glad we got the chance to visit!

    1. I felt embarrassed taking photos there because it felt like we were in someone's home. Only a fraction of my photos came out well. Glad we hung out that day, too.

  5. Wow, it's funny how when you've never visited a place, you don't really realize how it's evolving! I love these pictures of the last kampong, takes me somewhere I've never been before.

  6. Fascinating! I had know idea Singapore had developed so quickly. Interesting to know about a quiet corner that stood still.

  7. Amazing photos! You managed to capture the essence of Singapore & her Kampong days! With an added effect - Sepia feel! Cheers from (WTF) - Singapore Fashion & Lifestyle Online Magazine

  8. I am pleasantly surprise they even use Jawi scripture on the surau. I really taught it was long extinct in Singapore. As a Malay I am relearning Jawi and do my part to keep the Jawi scripture alive


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