Mr. Chewy Review & Giveaway {Sponsored Post}


Our dudes, Stanley (brown nose) and Little Joe (black nose).

In case you haven't noticed by now, I am a little obsessed with my dogs. When it comes to my dogs' food, I am rather picky. I've fed Stan and Joe several brands of food over the years, but have come to the conclusion that Acana is the best brand for them. It is grain-free and made with local ingredients. Acana makes my dogs' coats beautiful, their breath doesn't smell bad, and they love eating it.

The downside of feeding them this brand of dog food is that it's hard to find in San Jose (I had a much easier time finding it in Singapore!). So when I was contacted recently by Mr. Chewy, an online pet food store, I was happy to find out that a) they sold Acana and b) they offer free shipping (in the continental US) on all orders over $49.

Mr. Chewy sells more than 80 popular brands of pet food for dogs and cats, as well as pet treats and health products. Ordering from their website is incredibly convenient for me because that means I don't have to hunt around for a vendor that sells Acana and my orders come straight to my door. Their shipping is really fast, too. My last order came less than a week after placing it.

Another thing I love about Mr. Chewy: you can sign up for automatic pet food delivery so you don't even have to think about when it's time to buy more dog food. As soon as we move to our new place, I'm setting this service up. Check out their website at

Okay, so now for the blog giveaway:
I'm giving away these two packages of Stan and Joe's favorite dog treats to one lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell me about the dog you'll give these treats to! Contest is open to anyone, anywhere, and closes on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at midnight PST. Winner will be chosen at random.

For J&F readers, if you enter the code FLOM9063 when you place your first Mr. Chewy order, you'll receive 10% off and Mr. Chewy will make a $10 donation to the Best Friends Society, a charity dedicated to finding homes for shelter pets and rescue animals.

Thanks for reading and entering!

UPDATE: Giveway winner is Elia. Thanks again to everyone for entering! 


  1. I will give these treats to little Galileo. Maybe I can finally teach him a new trick. And I guess I'll give a couple to Andy, if he doesn't steal them first.

  2. I would give these treats to my mother, who has 5 dogs, all rescues. 4 are siblings from a pregnant rescue my mom took in (who died a few weeks after the puppies were born), and her newest rescue is a wonderful lab/pit mix who went through five foster homes before my mother found her. My mother and stepfather are big animal softies, and go through A LOT of treats!

  3. hey i have seen the sojos and have been interested in giving them to my labrador retriever. She is my loyal and loving Service Dog that has a birthday on the 17th. She has an allergy to all that wheat, corn, grain stuff, so i know these Sojos are safe, She would luv the duck too, i just think its creepy! poor duck.

    oliviatheservicedog at hotmail dot com

  4. They sure look yummy and healthy lol. I would give the treats to our foster dog, Joe, who was rescued from a wild boar trap and now only has three legs, but is the most loveable friendly dog, who LOVES treats!

  5. My dogs hold up signs that say "Will work for treats" :-)

  6. Oh my cutie buddieeesh!

  7. to our dog missy

  8. I will give this to Henry and Pepper who are very nervous for their upcoming travel to Singapore.


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