Farmers' Market at San Pedro Square Market


On Saturday, I hopped on the Light Rail to meet up with a friend at the farmers' market at San Pedro Square Market. Held every Saturday on West St. John Street (in between Almaden and San Pedro), the farmers' market is open from 10 am to 2 pm and is the perfect way to start the weekend. It's open all year round, too. 

I didn't buy too much this time because we're in the process of moving again (more on that later), but I foresee coming here on a regular basis to stock up on locally grown fruits, veggies, and flowers. The farmers' market at San Pedro Square Market is as much a feast for the eyes as it is a feast for the table. 
A lot of great things are happening in downtown San Jose, and San Pedro Square Market feels like the epicenter of it all. It was home to SJ MADE/SJ EATS this past weekend as well, a sort of urban craft fair of local vendors, artists, and of course, food trucks. It's exciting and promising to see how things have changed since we left. 

Tip: Don't forget your reusable shopping bags.


  1. Those ranunculos are gorgeous!

  2. Great pics! I love rhubarb.

  3. Oh my gosh, those flowers are so pretty and all that yummy food! Looks amazing.

  4. I love ranunculus roses!! I tried to plant some last year but ended up drowning them...yeah I don't have a green thumb at all.

    xo erica

  5. Great pictures! I love the colors... and the freshness :)

    I've really enjoyed following your blog. I'm living and teaching in HCMC, Vietnam (from the States as well!)... and believe I was in Singapore the weekend you guys moved out! (Around the Lunar New Year).

    I hope you're enjoying being back 'home' - seems you're getting into some fun activities. I'm still enjoying the blog but now it's making me miss home a bit more! :P

  6. Beautiful photos! The produce looks delicious! I need to head to a farmers market this week.

    So, you guys are moving again? How exciting! Can't wait to read where you are off to next!


  7. Beautiful photos fren. I love the colors :o) how much do the artichokes go for there? Theyre so expensive around here. Hope the moving is going well, hugs hugs!!!


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