15 Hours in San Diego


This past weekend, we managed to spend more time driving to San Diego than we spent actually in San Diego. Jeff and I drove down on Saturday morning to make it to a friend's wedding on Saturday evening. On Sunday morning, we headed out of SD early and got home in the afternoon. I think we only spent about 15 hours in San Diego, which was less than the time we spent in the car. I love road trips and driving, but even I must admit that this was a little crazy. 

The drive normally takes about seven and a half hours from San Jose, but because of traffic in LA, it took us over nine hours! We made it with enough time to shower and get dressed before the reception started. The bride and groom are total foodies and treated their guests to a five course dinner. It was a beautiful night and totally worth the ridiculously long drive. 

It was actually the first time I've ever been to SD, but I didn't see much of it besides the country club where the wedding was held. If I ever make that drive again, I hope I can see more of San Diego. 

Photos from top:
1. Signature cocktails
2. Palm trees and a beautiful sunset
3. Wedding details
4. Jeff and cousin Austin, who was the Best Man at the wedding

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