Hats Off to You


The town of Murphys, California has a great tree-lined main street dotted with wine tasting rooms and boutiques. It's also a good place for a day trip in the Sierra Nevada foothills from the cabin. Despite having been to Murphys dozens of times, we still find something new when we're in town.

This past weekend, we headed into town and discovered La Folia Wine. Not only is La Folia a tasting room, they're also a hat shop. At first I thought wine and hats were kind of an odd combination, but it works because we bought a few. I am now the proud owner of a top hat. Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to shop while wine tasting anymore...on second thought, I really do love my hat!


  1. that looks fun! and the hat is brilliant!! xx

  2. I love the hats!...that is one giant bottle of wine on the counter btw! It looks like it's half of you 8)


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