My First Bike Party


Last week, I rode late into the night with a few thousand other cyclists in the monthly street party known as San Jose Bike Party. It was the first time I had ever participated, but it definitely won't be my last. Bike Party is one of the most fun things I've done in a long time. Bike Party intends to build community through cycling and they're doing a pretty good job of it. For the most part, riders were having a fun (and safe) time on the road. There were a few jerks that showed up and give Bike Party a bad name, but these folks were definitely in the minority.

Bike Party, for those who have never heard of it, is a bike ride that takes place every third Friday of the month in San Jose at 8 pm. Each month, the route goes through different neighborhoods and has a theme to go with it. June's ride was called the "Legs Ride." People wore funny socks, tights, or really short shorts. Some people chose to forego the theme and just wore whatever they felt like. I saw a lot of really weird outfits and hats, but it was all fun. My favorite was riding along someone who had a nice sound system on their bike.

I really wanted to ride The Pidge, but she hasn't been the same since the movers disassembled her for the trip over here. I've been meaning to take the bike to a shop and didn't have time before Bike Party. So Jeff bought me another, much safer bike to ride. One with working brakes and reflectors and a seat with a bit of padding (The Pidge had none of these). I love The Pidge, but she is just not that reliable on a 20 mile bike ride.

Next month, there are two rides: The Olympics Ride on July 20th and the Ladies Ride on July 14th. The Olympics Ride route will be posted 24 hours before the event on the SJBP website. The Ladies Ride is a special event ride which starts at 5 pm in downtown San Jose. This location will be announced later, too.

Hopefully I'll be at the next ride! Have you ever been to Bike Party? Will you go to the next one? 


  1. That's so cool fren! I've always wanted to try them out. I subscribed to them on FB for a few years but never had the courage to do it. It's cool how they keep the location secret until the last minute:o) I'm glad you have good things to say about it....and 20miles? That's a pretty good ride there. I wanna join you one time n try it out.

  2. Sounds like a fun idea! I've learned that I get very nervous riding near other people... I don't know how I'd handle a giant ride like that. I'm really out of practice when it comes to biking!

    1. I thought I'd be nervous riding near others too, but for the most part people spread out in the right lane and kept a safe distance from other cyclists. It was lots of fun.

  3. Great to hear that you enjoyed the ride. The Pidge would have glided along like a really lady! Maybe you just needed some Chinese dress wear to get in the mood. Enjoy you lifestyle and bike rides.

  4. this is so cool! they have a rollerblading/skating party like this here in luzern, haha!


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