My First San Francisco Giants Game


I have lost count of how many San Jose Sharks games I've been to in my life, but I can count the number of baseball games I've been to on three fingers. That includes my first ever San Francisco Giants game, which I went to this past Wednesday with our friends Jon and Laura. They took Jeff and me to the game for Jeff's birthday.

AT&T Park is a really nice and relatively new ballpark that's right on the bay in SF. When completely sold out, it can seat 41,503 fans. For comparison, HP Pavilion, where my beloved Sharks play, seats 17,496. You can kind of see in the top picture how huge the stadium is.

The Giants lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 4-1, but we still had a really great time. It was fun listening to the fans cheer the Giants and heckle the DBacks. I really want to come back to another Giants game this summer. Maybe baseball can tide me over until hockey season starts back up again.

Photos from top:
1. The view from my seat
2. Lou Seal, the Giants mascot
3. At the entrance to the ballpark
4. Watching Tim Lincecum warm up
5. Jeff and me outside of AT&T Park after the game

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  1. That ball park is so cool! And you're lucky to see Lincecum pitch. My husband is a huge baseball fan, so we try to get a few games a year in SoCal.


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