Siblings and Sparklers


I used to feel the need to upload photos and blog about them right away, but lately I've started to realize that not everything needs to be documented. Or documented, but not necessarily shared on the blog. I leave my camera at home a lot more now. And if I do bring it somewhere, I tend to forget about the photos I've taken. I guess that means I'm too busy having a good time this summer. And as much as I love blogging, I love enjoying myself and not having to worry about capturing every moment.

A perfect example of this was 4th of July weekend at my brother Alex's house. He had a bunch of people over and set off fireworks in the street as the sun was setting. Other neighbors set off fireworks too; someone down the street had the illegal, professional kind which made for a rather impressive pyrotechnic display. It was a fun way to spend a warm, summer evening. I can't remember the last time all of us three siblings hung out together on a 4th of July.

I forgot I took these photos of my family playing in the street that evening. Alex was handing out sparklers and I tried my hand at photographing them, but I still don't have that down yet. I'll keep at it. Summer's not over yet.

Photos from top: 
My niece Gabby
Alex, my little brother
My sister Fauna with Gabby

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