Perks of the (Husband's) Job


Jeff's work has been taking him on lots of business trips lately, including a weeklong stay in Singapore, the place we once called home. I was planning on meeting up with Jeff in Singapore to visit our old haunts and to hang out with friends, but at the last minute I changed my travel plans and decided to stay in San Jose. Which meant I couldn't do a bit of shopping in Singapore like I had hoped.

A lot of the things sold in Singapore can be found here in the US, but there are a few things that I can't find. In particular, I miss buying handfuls of funky earrings (three pairs for SGD5!) from the jewelry vendors at Bugis Street and my favorite type of BB cream that is not available stateside.

I knew Jeff was busy with work while he was in Singapore, but I begged asked him to pick me up a few things while he was there. I gave him turn-by-turn directions to find my favorite stall at Bugis Street. I even got a bonus gift of a few scarves from a layover in Paris (his business trip took him to Dublin, too).

I was so excited as Jeff unpacked his suitcase and pulled out several small bags full of the trinkets I had asked for. And I felt lucky to have a guy willing to navigate his way through a crowded market in Singapore just to bring his wife some quirky pieces of junk jewelry. He forgot a jar of kaya, but I think I'll manage.

Photos from top:
1. A few of the earrings Jeff brought me from Bugis Street, a covered market in Singapore that sells clothing, jewelry, accessories, and food
2. My favorite BB cream ever
3. Scarves from the airport in Paris


  1. You're in luck, I still have a jar of kaya in the fridge. Sweet treats.

    1. Yum! Now if only we could find some Hainanese chicken rice.

  2. I am hanging out for a trip to Singapore ..... when I have no idea!

    But I have a shopping list that is building up with all the goodies I can't get here too ... been home 6 mths tomorrow and am still trying to get used to the idea of COLD weather, let alone the shopping. :)

    (miss you xx)


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