Hiking in Alum Rock Park


San Jose from the hills of Alum Rock Park
I felt like going for a hike a few Saturdays ago, so naturally I pulled out my phone and Googled "hiking trail." The first search result was the Boccardo Trail in Alum Rock Park, a relatively short drive away from downtown San Jose. I packed a backpack with snacks and some bottles of water, and off we went to climb the mountain.

The sun was beating down hard on us that day, but working up a sweat while enjoying the view of San Jose below was just what I needed. The Boccardo Trail is short and parts of it are really steep; it was harder than I expected, but we enjoyed the challenge. It's also part of a longer hike through the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. I'm putting this 12.7 mile hike on my bucket list.

To learn more about the Boccardo Trail and other Sierra Vista trails, check out this website.

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