Its Beach, Santa Cruz


One thing I really missed about California while we lived in Singapore was dog-friendly places to take Stan and Joe. I've taken advantage of the fact that lots of parks, beaches, and even businesses are dog-friendly here. The dogs come with me everywhere I am allowed to bring them. They're really good with car rides and going to new places.

We (all four of us) recently visited Its Beach in Santa Cruz. Its Beach becomes an off-leash dog park before 10 am and after 4 pm. We showed up in the afternoon and so did lots of other dogs and their owners. Jeff tried getting Stan to jump in the water, but we've come to the realization that our dogs aren't really fond of water. It was fun watching other dogs dive into the waves though. Our dogs would rather sniff around in the sand or the tide pools.

The weather started cooling down a bit this week and fall is definitely around the corner. I'm not sure how many more trips to the beach we can squeeze in before this summer weather is officially gone for the year, but I'm going to try to take the dogs out at least a few more times.

If you're in San Jose next weekend and you're a dog owner, you should check out Bark in the Park. It's such a great event for dogs and humans. We'll be there!


  1. Too cute!! Did either of them try to taste the water? I heard dogs who drink ocean water poop foam n bubbles, haha!

    1. I can barely get them to get their feet wet. They have no desire to try and taste it.

  2. Looks like a great afternoon! You should move to Melbourne, there are so many "dog-beachs" around here! x

  3. I would LOVE moving to Melbourne. I remember that a lot of Australia is pretty dog-friendly.

  4. I'll never forget playing frisbee at Its Beach and two dogs barreled into me in an effort to get the frisbee! I fell flat on my bum! Some how, that didn't deter me from returning again and again over the years. I heart Santa Cruz and its beaches!


  5. I love Santa Cruz (although with the small people, we tend to do the boardwalk when we've been in that area)--so pretty.


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