Skyline to the Sea


I'm not sure where I first heard about the Skyline to the Sea Trail, but it's something that Jeff and I really want to do in the near future. It's a three day hike that starts off at Saratoga Gap and finishes at Waddell Beach. Some people start the hike at Castle Rock State Park instead. Much of the hike goes through Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Two Saturdays ago, Jeff and I wanted to do the last part of the hike, which starts at Big Basin headquarters and finishes at Waddell Beach. We drove up Highway 9 early in the morning through some fog (Highway 9 is so beautiful!), parked the car, and headed towards the coast through the redwood forest.

This particular segment of the hike is twelve miles long. We finished it in four hours. We weren't weighed down by backpacks and even ran for parts of it. It will probably take us a bit longer when we'll be backpacking. I've heard the other days of the hike aren't quite as easy, but I still want to do it.

The hike was beautiful and easy for us, even though a sign on the trail said it was "strenuous". Waddell Beach is a great place for windsurfers and kite surfers. Because of all the wind it's not that great of a place to sit and relax. Jeff's cousin Austin, who was surfing nearby, met us at the beach to drive us back to our car. Next time we do this hike, we'll probably hike back up to park headquarters instead.

Have you done the Skyline to the Sea Trail? Know of any good hiking trails in the Bay Area?


  1. beautiful shots, seems to be a great hike! unfortunately i only have good hiking recommendations for switzerland... but I look forward to see pictures from the complete hike! go for it!!

  2. Looks like a rewarding hike!

  3. Seems like you're putting the Subaru to good use.


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