Wined and Dined


I've been really sick lately, but that didn't stop me from going over to cousins Nick and Jess' place on Sunday for a five course dinner to celebrate my birthday. Yup, five courses! They even printed menus and everything was made from scratch. My mouth is watering just remembering what I ate that night. My favorites were the pea soup and duck with parsnips. These two are fancy, and great hosts.

It was fun to be wined and dined and we all agreed that dinner was a success. We also talked about how much we like to host people over for dinner, even though neither of us really do it that often. I cook at home, but usually not for others. Maybe this feast will be the impetus to get us cooking more often and for more people. I don't know how much I'll be serving duck at our house, but in the company of good friends, even a simple meal can be one worth savoring. 

Photos, clockwise from top left:
Jess' delicious pea soup, served with crème fraîche
Dodger, Nick and Jess' dog
Pear salad with homemade dressing
Nick and Jeff
Our custom dinner menu


  1. i always say i need to have people over more...must do this!

  2. How thoughtful! Looks like they made quite the spread for you!


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