Sharks Cash Mob in Downtown San Jose


As San Jose Sharks season ticket holders, Jeff and I have been pretty bummed about the NHL Lockout that has kept the season from starting. Lots of fans are angry and upset (and not to mention bored) because there are no NHL games going on. But it's not just the fans that are affected by the lockout. Businesses that depend on pre-game and post-game sales are hurting, too. 

In an effort to help the establishments in San Jose that have been negatively affected by the lockout, Content Magazine is organizing a cash mob (the first one ever in San Jose) on Wednesday, October 24 to bring in some business to the bars and restaurants in downtown San Jose and to create an immediate economic stimulus in the local economy. 

How can you be a part of the cash mob? Come to San Pedro Square Market on Wednesday, October 24 between 5 and 8 pm and spend some money. Even buying a drink or a snack will help! Show up in your favorite Sharks gear if you want, or come as you are. The point is to come and support local businesses that are seeing significantly less traffic than they normally would if a hockey season was actually going on. 

I'll be there with Content Magazine at San Pedro Square Market. Come say hello and show downtown San Jose some love! Diehards Co. will be hosting a drawing to win one of their Die Hard Sharks shirts, too.  

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