Beach Day in Carmel


Did you know there's an off-leash dog beach in Carmel? I only learned of it recently and knew I had to take the dogs there. My friend Laura came with me and brought her dogs Bella and Dylann too. 

The smooth, white sand at the beach was surprisingly clean for a beach with lots of dogs running around. Our dog pack ran around greeting other dogs and humans. Stanley is a social butterfly, while Little Joe prefers to stay right behind me like a shadow. 

After a long walk on the beach with our pups, Laura and I took them to Diggity Dog, a dog boutique in Carmel with lots of great stuff. As you walk in, there are large buckets full of dog treats sold by the scoop. I let Stan and Joe pick out which kind of treats they wanted. I think they thought I was fooling them at first, but then they got excited when the treats went into my bag. They earned it for being such good dogs.

Carmel is such a dog-friendly town. Dogs are welcome in so many businesses there. If you go to Diggity Dog's website, they have a list of all the dog-friendly establishments in town. As a dog person, I really love that and it makes me want to visit Carmel again soon. 

Homebrew and Kraftbrew


Things don't feel right in our house if there isn't a batch of home-brewed beer being made. Jeff recently bought new beer-making equipment and wasted no time in using it. For him, making beer is more than just a weekend hobby. It's a way of clearing his mind from all the things that stress him out during the week. A few weekends ago, Jeff and his cousin Nick made a batch of IPA. Can't wait to see how it turned out. 

Our house has turned into a mini-brewery of sorts. I had a plumber come to the house yesterday and he asked me if I liked to cook when he saw all the kettles and propane burners. "No," I said. "I make beer." He laughed because he thought I was joking, but then quickly realized I was serious. I wish I could pay him in beer.
If you're like us and love the art and science of beer, check out the Summer Kraftbrew Beer Fest going on tomorrow in downtown San Jose. Besides tasting beers from 60+ breweries from all over the world, there will also be panel discussions with brewers and other folks in the beer industry. The organizers of Kraftbrew want to focus on the passion of craft brewing. There will be good food and music to enjoy, too.

I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to learning more about local craft breweries. 

Learn more about the Summer Kraftbrew Beer Fest by checking out this post on the Better Beer Blog.

Siblings and Sparklers


I used to feel the need to upload photos and blog about them right away, but lately I've started to realize that not everything needs to be documented. Or documented, but not necessarily shared on the blog. I leave my camera at home a lot more now. And if I do bring it somewhere, I tend to forget about the photos I've taken. I guess that means I'm too busy having a good time this summer. And as much as I love blogging, I love enjoying myself and not having to worry about capturing every moment.

A perfect example of this was 4th of July weekend at my brother Alex's house. He had a bunch of people over and set off fireworks in the street as the sun was setting. Other neighbors set off fireworks too; someone down the street had the illegal, professional kind which made for a rather impressive pyrotechnic display. It was a fun way to spend a warm, summer evening. I can't remember the last time all of us three siblings hung out together on a 4th of July.

I forgot I took these photos of my family playing in the street that evening. Alex was handing out sparklers and I tried my hand at photographing them, but I still don't have that down yet. I'll keep at it. Summer's not over yet.

Photos from top: 
My niece Gabby
Alex, my little brother
My sister Fauna with Gabby
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