Mom's Cooking


At some point along the two-hour drive to my Mom's house, one of us will wonder out loud, "I wonder what Mom is cooking today?" If she is expecting us, we will be greeted by her in the kitchen, usually flipping tortillas to accompany the meal she has prepared for our visit. She always offers me a cup of coffee, too. It's a routine of hers that never gets old: the warm greeting in a kitchen full of mouth-watering smells, sharing a meal with family, the bottomless cup of coffee. 

Here's some advice if you ever come to Mom's house: wear loose-fitting pants because you'll probably eat a lot of delicious food. I have a hard time eating at other Mexican restaurants because I like her food too much. I love how comforting meals at her kitchen table are; clearly I am biased. But the more I cook in my own house, the more I appreciate why she prefers to entertain people in her home. 

This past Christmas Eve, Jeff and my Mom made tamales for dinner. I think it's cute that Jeff likes to observe what my Mom is up to in the kitchen, and when we get home he tries to copy her recipes. He's getting pretty good at it and my Mom is proud of the fact that he is so interested in learning from her. 

Also, it's not a meal at my Mom's house without her salsa or Andy trying to steal your food. 


  1. those looks SO good...not sure i have patience to make them, looks complicated! ha!

    1. I don't have a lot of patience to make them either, but I have a "tamale lady" who comes around the neighborhood every few weeks and sells tamales by the dozen.


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