Airstream Dreams


Our annual trip to Las Vegas for one of Jeff's hockey tournament was a few weeks ago, but we did it a little differently this year. We stayed on the Strip like always, but instead of renting a hotel room, we stayed in an Airstream. 

The idea to rent an Airstream came about after deciding that we wanted to bring our dogs with us on this road trip. We thought about renting an Airstream and towing it, but that was a) way too expensive and b) not possible with our car. Then we thought about renting an RV when we arrived in Vegas. Somewhere during all that Googling, we discovered the Las Vegas KOA at Circus Circus, which has two Airstream Flying Clouds available to rent. 

After all that research on finding an alternative to a Vegas hotel room, we settled on renting an Airstream for the weekend. But it turns out the Airstreams don't allow pets, so the dogs ended up staying home anyways. Jeff and I absolutely loved not staying in a hotel though. 

The Airstream was better than a hotel because it had a mini kitchen in it. It was chilly at times in the desert, but the heater in our Airstream kept us warm. It also came with a barbecue grill, lawn chairs, and even a small lawn all to ourselves. All that was missing were the pink lawn flamingos. We had a barbecue one of the nights we were there, complete with bonfire. It was surprisingly quiet at night even though we were about a block away from the Strip. 

I hope we make renting an Airstream part of our annual Vegas hockey tournament weekend. Maybe someday though, the Airstream we stay in will be our own. 


  1. I love Airstreams!! And I would love to stay in one and even more to own one and drive through the USA on an epic roadtrip! Looks like a great approach to Vegas!
    Kristina x

  2. um, that is amazing!! would love to try that out..


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