Driving to North Shore


Today has been a gray and gloomy day, and even with the heater on my fingers are still cold. In an effort to transport myself (mentally, anyway) to a warmer place, I thought about sunshine and beautiful beaches. And in doing so, I remembered that I never actually posted photos of our trip to Honolulu at the beginning of the year.

We spent one of our days on a road trip to North Shore. The drive from Waikiki was beautiful, and we enjoyed some huli huli from one of the many food trucks parked along the side of the road. We also got to see some brave surfers at Sunset Beach. The people-watching along the way was pretty good, too.

It was my first time on Oahu and even though it was late December/early January, the weather was nice and warm (and humid, much like Singapore). We had a great time hanging out, but I must say that my favorite island in Hawaii is Kona. How about you? If you've been to Hawaii, what's your favorite place/thing to do?

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