Pike Place


Jeff and I spent a day in Seattle a few weeks ago before getting on a train to visit his family for the weekend. We spent the day being tourists wandering around Pike Place Market and some of the other popular areas in downtown Seattle. I think the best part of the morning was sitting in a coffee shop, talking with Jeff, reading the newspaper, and spacing out a bit.

If we weren't on the go, I would have brought home a basket full of fresh produce and flowers. After a bit of exploring, I had to take Jeff for a yummy pizza lunch at Serious Pie, the place I went to for a bachelorette party a few months ago. 

A lot of people say the weather in Seattle would make them depressed, but I really love the rain. Which is one of the many reasons I look forward to visiting the Pacific Northwest. 


  1. I actually missed the rain when I moved away! Rainy days are so comforting now.

    Glad you enjoyed your time in Seattle. I always go crazy when I visit Pike Place (so crowded!), but I really love the flower vendors. Could stare at them for hours.

  2. Great pictures - glad you guys are enjoying the US :)


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